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welcome to my journal!

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Dec. 31st, 2020 | 07:18 am

this was originally posted on May 25, 2009 as a normal entry, but I decided, as I seek work and make plans to enter the educational field, to make it 'the entry everyone sees upon arrival'. I have been keeping this blog, almost daily, for 9 years now. When I began, it was very cutting edge to do this - and I was a cutting edge web developer, so all was well. Now I've started to change my career; in 2009, based on some great experiences with kids and a long standing passion for education, I'm reorienting to study for a B.A. in Technology and New Media in Education. But it does mean that there are thousands of entries in this blog that were made in hundreds of moods.

Clay Shirky, teacher in the Interactive Telecommunications Program at N.Y.U as part of a discussion addressing, 'In the online world, is the notion of a public/private divide simply not applicable?'

Privacy used to be enforced by inconvenience; you couldn't just spy on anyone you wanted. Increasingly, though, privacy will have to be enforced by us grownups simply choosing not to look, since it's none of our business.

This discipline isn't just to protect them, it's to protect us. If you're considering a job applicant, and he has some louche photos on the Web, he has a problem. But if one applicant in 10 has similar pictures online, then you've got a problem, because you'll be at a competitive disadvantage for talent, relative to firms that don't spy.

People my age tut-tut at kids, telling them that we wouldn't have put those photos up when we were young, but we're lying. We'd have done it in a heartbeat, but no one ever offered us the chance.

I invite anyone who wants to get to know me to dive into my journal. You'll get to know me, and I like that! Just keep Shirky in mind :-)

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P. Mac

rather out of the blue - cross posted, also sent via email

from: pann_da_bear
date: Sep. 19th, 2010 06:14 pm (UTC)

Hey Stephanie -

Woah, finding the last message for your address reminds me that it's been over 2 years since we've had any contact. For what it's worth, I've been going through some major changes in career, friendships and life, and am hoping things now are settling down more. Part of these changes have involved pulling back from the convention scene and crowd much more than I have in the past. That's more of an explanation, not an excuse, which I hope you understand.

I really did have a lovely visit in Boston, and greatly appreciated your hospitality. It will be a special trip and time I will never forget.

So to be direct and completely honest, the reason I am writing is to ask if you could help me out with wikipedia? I only ask because I know you are super-skilled with computer programming, and have read in the past that you are an Admin who maintains wikipedia.

It's not a big thing, really, except that I don't have the rights / passwords / access (or whatever the right word is) to get rid of some edits I posted on the page about an A Cappella group that formed from some of the members of the group I was a part of. I intended to correct for accuracy, but then got into the wiki thing and tried to improve it.

The article in question can be found by looking up "The Essentials (band)". All I'd like is to "rollback" the edits to those before mine, so back to "15:54, 31 August 2010 (talk) (3,684 bytes) (undo)" I hope this is literally a click or two for you to do as admin. And to get my name/email/telephone number offline.

You'll see from the page history that I've botched my attempts, and even accidentally posted my home telephone number and email, thinking it could only be seen by Admins. I didn't read ahead or examine the page's history before saving the changes, and I think the changes will be reverted anyway as I'm not going to be seen as a reputable source.

I ask only because it will be fixed better and faster. I don't even mind of you delete any other pages / articles / changes I've made as I realize I've not followed the correct protocol.

Please let me know either way, no matter what. Thanks again, and I hope life is treating you well too!

Peter MacVoy

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