Adventures of a Freelance Murray Slaughter

stephanie m. clarkson
15 December 1970
Somerville, Massachusetts, United States
Sleeping Cat
Conestoga College - Kitchener ON CA
Ryerson University - Toronto ON CA
Interests: (95)
acting, alison bechdel, bbw, bdsm, bi, bisexuality, books, cake for breakfast, canada, cap'n crunch, cartooning, cats, chinese water dragons, chiya, chrononauts, container gardening, cooking, cowboy mouth, decorating, dogma, douglas coupland, drawing, duran duran, e. e. cummings, elizabeth moon, esquivel, fluxx, food geeks, games, gaming, geeks, grey's anatomy, grosse pointe blank, high fidelity, html, innovox, interests, j-pop, jim henson, joss whedon, kitsune, livejournal, lolcats, looney labs, lucy maud montgomery, maracatu, ministry, miss piggy, monogamy, moulin rouge, muppets, narnia, neopaganism, nick hornby, nothing illegal, paganism, pandemonium, pandemonium books, peter mulvey, pink hair, playmobil, polyamory, punk, purple hair, puzzle pirates, reading, rent, robertson davies, role playing, role playing games, roleplaying games, rpg, rpgs, sci-fi, science fiction, scott bateman, sesame street, sheri s. tepper, sheri tepper, ska, skyrates, spandau ballet, sushi, tarot, tenacious d, the j-word, the west wing, theatre, top chef, trash picking, wicca, will & grace, world domination, writing, █♥█
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dieselsweeties.comI never seem to keep this up to date. To learn about me, read the journal.

I welcome all readers - I enjoy knowing that people are reading me. I tend to only add people back based on the quality of the writing in responses to my posts. I know that it's a little self-centred sounding, but good writing and insight is important to me, and it hurts me to read bad writing..or clueless posts. So generally, if you add me, feel free to bring it to my attention. I will usually read your journal 'by hand' from time to time, and watch your comments in my journal, before friending you. 'Friends List' is a misnomer; many of my friends who are on LJ are not my 'LJ Friends', if you know what I mean.

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