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Feb. 17th, 2011 | 12:40 am

ok, so I bought a winetasting.com voucher from buywithme. Made the order last Friday for 6 bottles, including shipping, of their 'Customer's Choice'; the six most well reviewed bottles on their site.

They said they'd be shipping them the end of this week; Thursday evening seemed likeliest. But they sent them a day earlier. Which would be fine, but they're apparently arriving today/Thursday.

Earlier this week I accepted work today and friday.

Well, fine. A pain to carry it home from work as it's 20lbs of wine, but there's a FedEx Express in my building that can hold packages. I go to the website to get it redirected. The website offers me 6 places based on my location. None are in Quincy. Allston, Braintree, Malden (!?)...why are none of them in Boston? And it ONLY offers you 6 options. You can't expand that.

I call FedEx and they look it up, and find that the package cannot be redirected by me until they've made a delivery attempt. No one will be here tomorrow. This is outright stupid, to be honest; it just wastes their guy's time and gas. I know they can't deliver it. EOF.

The people who shipped it can redirect it, but they don't open until noon pacific. By which time the delivery will have been attempted (and failed).

So tomorrow after they've wasted everyone's time, I can redirect it myself. It takes 24 hours to do a redirect and hold. So delivery would be attempted on Saturday, when the office that it would be held at would be closed. They don't deliver on Mondays. So it would be delivered to the office in the building I work in next Tuesday. but by TUESDAY I won't be there. I'd be here, where I could sign for it (it has to be signed for, it's wine, and needs a 21 year old).

If they can't deliver it tomorrow, they will make 2 more attempts. Friday, when I would also be working, and Saturday morning. If I go to game on Friday night, there's a good chance I'd stay up there overnight; I did mention maybe wanting crash space. So my options would be miss the Saturday delivery, or leave Friday night even if the gaming is still happening, to make sure I'm back in Quincy Saturday morning.

I am in a maze of twisty passages, all alike.

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from: esprix
date: Feb. 17th, 2011 03:02 pm (UTC)

Ouch. I'm surprised they're not a little more flexible, or at least the local branch isn't willing to redirect the package a little differently to hold onto it for you. Maybe another call to the branch manager?

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